Import(ance) of H2A, 4th of July

Importing 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen via the port of Amsterdam. That is the ambition of the new H2A consortium.

As the launching partners, Evos Amsterdam, Port of Amsterdam, Zenith Energy Terminals, Hydrogenious, Electriq Global, the Municipality of Amsterdam and the PB NZKG (North Sea Canal Area) want to propel the regional, national and international green hydrogen value chains forward.

The inaugural symposium ‘Import(ance) of H2A: Propelling the Future’, to be held on the 4th of July, will expand on this ambition, by discussing numerous interesting and relevant topics, like developments in the maritime and aviation sectors, links between Amsterdam region and international initiatives, transportation of hydrogen, public-private collaboration, and much more.

The symposium will feature many prominent speakers, headlined by Diederik Samsom, Chief of Staff of Frans Timmermans, European Commission Executive Vice-President. Other confirmed speakers include Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, CEO Samskip, Baruch Halpert, CEO Electriq Global and Brigit Gijsbers, Deputy Director-General Aviation and Maritime Affairs at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. More speakers will be announced in the run up to the event.

We are happy to cordially invite you to join us on the 4th of July to attend this exciting symposium. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss propelling the future of hydrogen with you and to toast the launch of H2A together!

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 – Ramon Ernst, Chairman H2A & Board Member of TET Amsterdam
15.05TET TALK – High tech. Propelling the hydrogen revolution
 – Earl Goetheer, CTO HighTechXL
15.10Propelling the future. Importing 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen via the port of Amsterdam
Dorine Bosman, CIO Port of Amsterdam
Hester van Buren, Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam
Marie Brands, PhD student University of Amsterdam
15.25TET TALK & Panel: Building tomorrow. Propelling the transition of maritime shipping
– TET Talk: Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, Group CEO Samskip
Brigit Gijsbers, Dep Director General Civil Aviation and Maritime Affairs
Alexander Garbar, Director Strategy duisport – Duisburger Hafen AG
15.50Joining forces. Propelling the industrial transition
Ramon Ernst, Managing Director Evos
Paul Vonk, H2 lead TATA Steel
Alice Krekt, Director NL Hydrogen
Michelle Prins, Program Lead Industrial Transformation Natuur & Milieu
16.10Making the difference. Propelling clean hydrogen solutions
Toralf Pohl, CCO Hydrogenious
Baruch Halpert, CEO and Executive Chairman Electriq Global
16.20TET TALK & Panel: Catching flight. Propelling the future in aviation
– TET Talk: Lodewijk Asscher, Chair of the sustainable aviation alliance
Alexander Ritschel, senior advisor Masdar Green Hydrogen
Misha Valk, Head of Capacity Development SKYNRG
Ellen Ruhotas, Head of New Energy Projects Zenith Energy Terminals
Erik Rietkerk, CEO Argent Energy
Diederik Samsom, Chief of Staff of Frans Timmermans,
European Commission Executive Vice-President
17.10Cocktail & Bites reception